At Marwood Ltd., our slogan is build something beautiful and we are particularly interested in building careers. Since the early 1920’s, careers at Marwood have been built upon reliable, dedicated employees with a strong work ethic who recognize the importance of the customer.

Our continued success and growth hinges on a strong belief by all employees that everyone is accountable to deliver exceptional value to customers, and that meeting or exceeding customer expectations drives the motivation behind every transaction within Marwood. A foundation always starts a building process, and the foundation of career building starts with Marwood's five pillars of strength:

People: Support and empower employees to respond to the voice of the customer.
Safety: Provide and maintain the highest standards for a safe and healthy work environment for our employees, who are integral partners in our growth.
Quality: Continuously create and deliver quality and innovative products and services.
Customer Satisfaction: Meet or exceed customer expectations every time.
Accountability: Require a fiscally accountable and responsive organization that is endlessly in pursuit of improvements.