It’s hard to imitate the natural beauty of wood lattice. Available in a wide variety of diagonal spacings, and a popular Georgian style, Suntrellis Pressure Treated lattice panels provide a cost effective and customizable solution to your needs for privacy, shade and creative inspiration.
  • Surround gardens to add appeal and deter pesky animals.
  • Build a trellis to guide vines and other climbing plants.
  • Shelter your deck or patio from the hot summer sun.
  • Create ‘shells’ to conceal trash cans, tools and AC units.
  • Section off messy kids’ areas, including toys and sandboxes.
  • Add between posts to make your gazebo even more attractive.
  • Construct screens to shield you from the wind and rain.
  • Surround your hot tub or pool for lots of additional privacy.
Use Suntrellis lattice panels to personalize your next backyard project. Manufactured with the best quality softwood, Suntrellis lattice panels are manufactured using self-clinching galvanized staples, which provide superior strength while resisting rust. Suntrellis lattice is available in many styles, thicknesses and spacings to ensure that your unique needs for strength, privacy or shade are met.