This depends on the climate and the wood’s exposure. In summer, deck lumber open to sunshine can dry in a few days. In cool, damp weather or when shaded by an overhanging roof or tree, it will take much longer for wood to dry. On average, we recommend waiting six months before applying paint or solid color stains and three months before applying semi-transparent stains. Too dry is always better than too wet!

Pressure treated wood can be painted or stained and it should be coated with a water repellent to help maintain appearance.

With any coating, always follow the manufacturer’s directions on the product label.

Hot-dipped galvanized fasteners (meeting ASTM A 153) and connectors (ASTM A 653 Class G185 sheet), or better, are recommended. Fasteners not meeting or exceeding these requirements could result in premature failures and degradation of fasteners and treated wood.

No maintenance is needed to maintain resistance to decay fungi and termites. However, protection is required to maintain the wood’s appearance against weather. Sun and rain cycles cause stresses in lumber and result in swelling, shrinking, warping, and cracking.

  • To help protect against moisture damage, apply water repellent after your project is completed and the wood has had a chance to thoroughly dry.
  • You can use a deck cleaner/brightener every couple of years to freshen the look of your deck. Bleach is not recommended since it contains chlorides and can cause hardware corrosion.
  • After cleaning the deck, reapply a water repellent or water repellent stain to restore color to the deck.

Yes, liberally coat all cut ends, holes, or other intrusions into the wood with a suitable wood preservative product

Pantherace Pressure Treated wood is a high quality outdoor product and is pressure-treated with an effective preservative. Some other key points include:

  • It offers warranted protection against termites and fungal decay
  • Is as durable, yet more economical than cedar or durable grades of redwood, and costs considerably less than plastic composites or tropical hardwoods
  • Has excellent workability attributes such as it can be:
    -installed quickly by professionals or do-it-yourselfers
    -manipulated using every day tools (saw, hammer, drill, etc)
    -painted or stained
    -easily repaired if scratched
  • Is made from a natural, renewable resource that is preserved to last for decades